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2013-10-14data/samples/, provide alternative sisu markup style directories (and content)Ralph Amissah1-0/+14
* in addition to data/samples/generic/ * data/samples/current/ * data/samples/minimal/ * data/samples/wrapped/
2013-05-19removed first edition of Free as in Freedomsisu-markup-samples_4.1.1Ralph Amissah1-6/+0
* the 2nd edition is available, and * to be rid of concerns over its use of license GFDL-NIV-1.1
2012-12-12v3: added samples, updated manpage, COPYRIGHT & READMERalph Amissah1-26/+58
* Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll (1865) * Through The Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll (1871) * Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift (1776)
2012-04-23manpage, update content list & minor editsRalph Amissah1-39/+35
2011-04-16The Public Domain, James BoyleRalph Amissah1-19/+26
* added without book index or font attributes (bold, italics ...) * affected information files updated
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2010-08-24man page, updateRalph Amissah1-1/+6
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2010-07-08Renaming debian manpage to match name of the package.Daniel Baumann2-73/+34
2010-02-08changelog update, also manpageRalph Amissah1-6/+8
2010-02-02directory structure change for sisu 1.0.0Ralph Amissah1-13/+8
2007-05-22Imported upstream version 1.0.6upstream/1.0.6Ralph Amissah1-0/+76