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parentv4: version & changelog (diff)
v4 v3: CHANGELOGs note on future closing of v3 & addendum to [71e8f19] in 4.0.18
* CHANGELOG_v3, v3 branch to be closed on opening of 4.1.* branch, imminent * CHANGELOG_v4, re-characterize/correct commit [71e8f19] in 4.0.18 as it also fixes a persistent bug with manifest and should be: * v4: dal, reading/processing of composite markup files (.ssm) * dbi, import composite files correctly * manifest, mini-table of contents, for multi-lingual composite files was/is: v4: dbi, import composite files (.ssm) correctly
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%% Legacy Branch, Reference
+ Version 3 to be closed on opening of version 4.1.* branch
Version 3 introduced output directory structures nad filenames more
compatible with mobile devices and other non-web use and more
internationalisation possibilities.