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* v4 v5: rake create build & install sisu gemspec; (.gitignore), work onRalph Amissah2013-12-031-2/+2
| | | | | * gemspec adjusted to install only libraries related to a version (v4 or v5) * select sisu version to create, build & install
* v4 v5: rake create build & install sisu gemspec; bin/sisugem (add .gitignore)Ralph Amissah2013-12-021-0/+7
* rake gemcbi #(create build install sisu gem) * rake gemspecscreate && \ rake gembuild && \ sudo rake geminstall * rake gemspecscreate && \ gem build sisu5.gemspec && \ sudo gem install --no-rdoc --no-ri \ sisu-5.1.0.gem * bin/sisu updated (modified to take account of gems) * bin/sisugem added * .gitignore sisu-*.gem sisu*.gemspec consider inclusion (& tracking) of rake created sisu4.gemspec sisu5.gemspec (as this makes their availability more obvious) * once gem is installed: "sisu _5.1.0_ -vM" (to see version, commands otherwise as usual) if paths are such that sisu is not available "sisugem _5.1.0_ -vM" should work (as it is installed by gemspec, but not other sisu installers)