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* v5 dev branch opened (starts as copy of v4 stable branch); v3 branch closedsisu_4.1.0Ralph Amissah2013-05-096-0/+0
* b_epub.png, epub icon (for manifest) updated to use official imageRalph Amissah2013-02-201-0/+0
* introducing version 2, major patch, (version 1 libraries retained)sisu_2.0.0Ralph Amissah2010-03-061-0/+0
* directory structure changes to accommodate the introduction of sisu v2Ralph Amissah2009-12-191-0/+0
* sisu-0.58 work towards making it possible to describe sisu and sisu markup wi...Ralph Amissah2007-09-035-0/+0
* cgi search form worked on and presentation, (an info button added and used)Ralph Amissah2007-07-102-0/+0
* additions, gpl text and imagesRalph Amissah2007-07-012-0/+0
* Imported upstream version 0.52.7upstream/0.52.7sisu_0.52.7Ralph Amissah2007-05-2225-0/+0