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2 daysREADME update, return to ...HEADmainRalph Amissah3-4909/+1011
2 daysupdate fix default home text link infoRalph Amissah2-12/+12
2 daysnix flake and envrc-nix minorRalph Amissah6-38/+52
9 daysnix dlang overlay ldc-1.38.0Ralph Amissah3-9/+9
11 daysnix dlang overlay ldc-1.38.0-beta1Ralph Amissah4-10/+31
11 daysnix dlang overlay dmd-2.108.0, follow upstreamRalph Amissah4-104/+136
13 daysdub (dlang) prefer dub run to dub buildRalph Amissah12-121/+106
14 days.envrc-nix infoRalph Amissah2-22/+24
14 dayswork on more generic install + instructionsRalph Amissah14-550/+904
2024-05-03set nixVersions.nix_2_21Ralph Amissah5-7/+7
2024-05-02comment out nixpkg nixVersions.unstableRalph Amissah6-10/+10
2024-05-01sisudoc spine initial releaseRalph Amissah3-4/+26
2024-04-23org nixpkgs overlays housekeepingRalph Amissah1-4/+103
2024-04-14nix direnv v 3.0.4Ralph Amissah2-4/+14
2024-04-100.16.0 sisudoc (src/sisudoc sisudoc spine)Ralph Amissah93-792/+792
2024-04-100.15.0Ralph Amissah50-100/+109
2024-03-20flake.nix cosmetic minorRalph Amissah3-14/+14
2024-03-12mark modules as @safe: (& identify what is not)Ralph Amissah61-680/+757
2024-03-10nix flake & env upkeepRalph Amissah7-66/+192
2024-03-09dmd & ldc upkeep (dmd at 2.106.1)Ralph Amissah9-108/+144
2024-03-03ldc-1.37.0 & dub-1.36.0Ralph Amissah6-30/+67
2024-01-25org, ocda (ongoing) split file, separate functionsRalph Amissah12-11055/+11273
2024-01-21org, ocda (ongoing)Ralph Amissah3-3313/+3123
2024-01-06ldc-1.36.0 & dub-1.35.0 (& removed old/superseded beta versions)Ralph Amissah4-107/+39
2024-01-02org, ocda (ongoing)Ralph Amissah2-52/+26
2024-01-022024Ralph Amissah92-123/+123
2023-12-21org, ocda (ongoing)Ralph Amissah2-566/+793
2023-12-17org, ocda (ongoing)Ralph Amissah2-2034/+2113
2023-12-17org, spine ver & doc header (copyright & license)Ralph Amissah32-1192/+220
2023-12-17.envrc re-adjust & update direnvRalph Amissah8-45/+61