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-.\" Name: SiSU - Simple information Structuring Universe
-.\" Author: Ralph Amissah
-.\" Description: sisu-examples manpage
-.\" arch-tag: sisu-examples manpage
-.\" License: GPL 2 or later
-.\" Notes: Process this file with
-.\" groff -man -Tascii sisu.1
-.\" nroff -man sisu.1 | most
-.\" |sisu.1|@|^|<url:sisu.1>
-.TH sisu_examples 1 "February 2, 2010" "version 1.0" "SiSU markup samples and configuration related offerings (optional package)"
-.B SiSU
-\- Structured information, Serialized Units \- a document publishing system
-.B sisu_examples
-This is an optional package of sisu examples, mainly sample markup files, that can be generated in multiple output document formats and made searchable using the package sisu.
-They are installed installed under
-.I /usr/share/doc/sisu-markup-samples/v1/samples
-and a summary this content may be found in
-.I /usr/share/doc/sisu-markup-samples/v1/README
-or the equivalent directory (change this path as appropriate for the information provided below).
-.SH Document Markup
-Sample markup documents are located in
-.I /usr/share/doc/sisu/v1/sisu_markup_samples/samples
-and these document samples in
-.I /usr/share/doc/sisu-markup-samples/v1/samples
-(or the equivalent shared directory)
-A few more sample documents are available at
-.I <http://www.jus.uio.no/sisu/SiSU/examples.html>
-.SH Cgi database frontend
-A simple example of a cgi frontend to query a sisu created postgresql database is to be found under:
-.I /usr/share/sisu/v1/conf/cgi\-bin
-.SH Configuration samples
-Some configuration files are located at:
-.I /usr/share/sisu/v1/conf
-.\"%% Vim
-.SH Vim support files
-Vim support is provided by way of an ftplugin/sisu file, installed automatically in Debian, else located under
-.I /usr/share/sisu/v1/conf/editor\-syntax\-etc/vim
-This provides, vim folds, syntax higlighting a color file and some default settings.
-if not installed place filetype and ftplugin under
-.I ~/.vim
-Other syntax highlighters
-.I /usr/share/sisu/v1/conf/editor\-syntax\-etc
-.\"%% Further Information
-For more information on
-.I SiSU
-.I <http://www.jus.uio.no/sisu>
-.I man sisu
-Ralph Amissah
-.I ralph@amissah.com
-.I ralph.amissah@gmail.com
-.BR sisu(1),
-.BR sisu(8),
-.BR sisu_webrick(1),
-.BR sisu_termsheet(1),