BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debiandebian/changelog (7.2.1-2)Ralph Amissah17 months
upstreamnix packages, added graphicsmagickRalph Amissah7 months
sisu_7.2.2commit c28f87a338...Ralph Amissah8 months
debian/sisu_7.2.1-2commit d65fd3e7f7...Ralph Amissah17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-05-06v4: minor sysenv, cgi_sql_commonsisu_4.0.21Ralph Amissah3-14/+14
2013-05-06v4: version & changelogRalph Amissah2-3/+10
2013-04-11v4: cgi sample search form, minorsisu_4.0.20Ralph Amissah3-7/+10
2013-04-11v4: sisurc.yml, reorganize configuration filesRalph Amissah15-562/+1236
2013-04-11v4: version & changelogRalph Amissah2-3/+10
2013-04-08v4: version & changelog, dates touchedsisu_4.0.19Ralph Amissah2-3/+3
2013-04-07v4: zap, delete output files, based on given (existing) source file nameRalph Amissah7-85/+98
2013-03-31v4: options, exclude manifest links if no manifest (--no-manifest) selectedRalph Amissah2-0/+5
2013-03-31v4: sysenv, yamlrc cosmeticRalph Amissah2-4/+8
2013-03-31v4 v3: CHANGELOGs note on future closing of v3 & addendum to [71e8f19] in 4.0.18Ralph Amissah2-1/+5
2013-03-31v4: version & changelogRalph Amissah3-4/+10
2013-03-29v4: version & changelog, dates touchedsisu_4.0.18Ralph Amissah2-3/+3
2013-03-29v4: cgi, auto-generated sample search formRalph Amissah6-40/+61
2013-03-28v4: dbi, import composite files (.ssm) correctlyRalph Amissah3-5/+10
2013-03-26v4: dal, screen_text_color, distinguish doc abstraction, as start of processingRalph Amissah3-1/+6
2013-03-26v4: version & changelogRalph Amissah2-3/+10
2013-03-25v4: version & changelog, dates touchedsisu_4.0.17Ralph Amissah2-3/+3
2013-03-25v4: hub, non-verbose terminal info reduced, minorRalph Amissah2-1/+3
2013-03-25v4: param, guard against situation where no document creator/author givenRalph Amissah2-1/+4
2013-03-25v4: sysenv, copy or create homepages, one of the actions taken on --configRalph Amissah2-7/+19
2013-03-20v4: manifest & harvest, links to default site home page index.htmlRalph Amissah4-7/+43
2013-03-20v4: version & changelogRalph Amissah2-3/+10
2013-03-18v4: sysenv, epub images where processing multilingual doc in lang code sub-dirsisu_4.0.16Ralph Amissah2-1/+6
2013-03-18v4: hub, processing flow, sequence, fixRalph Amissah2-7/+25
2013-03-18v4: version & changelogRalph Amissah2-1/+8
2013-03-18v4: share document source, markup text file &/or sisupodsisu_4.0.15Ralph Amissah5-13/+20
2013-03-18v4: version & changelogRalph Amissah2-3/+10
2013-03-16v4: version & changelog, dates touchedsisu_4.0.14Ralph Amissah2-3/+3
2013-03-14v4: sysenv, rsync remote placement, output_by? alternatives, tuningRalph Amissah3-188/+189
2013-03-14v4: manifest, links for output_by? alternatives, harvest & qrcode relatedRalph Amissah2-7/+24