BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debiandebian/changelog (7.2.1-2)Ralph Amissah5 months
upstreamproject config minor, also .gitignoreRalph Amissah5 months
debian/sisu_7.2.1-2commit d65fd3e7f7...Ralph Amissah5 months
debian/sisu_7.2.1-1commit 62d38d7235...Ralph Amissah5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-06-22v5: general code cleaningsisu_4.1.5Ralph Amissah81-868/+624
2013-06-22vim, ftplugin sisu.vim, c-\ hard wrap lines to line width (moved from c-j)Ralph Amissah3-6/+10
2013-06-22vim colorscheme def, mark current lineRalph Amissah8-12/+16
2013-06-22v4 v5: version & changelogRalph Amissah4-6/+20
2013-06-06v4 v5: cgi helper script, sample search form generator, file name matchingsisu_4.1.4Ralph Amissah4-6/+10
2013-06-06v4 v5: cgi, cosmetic, drop use of images in sample formRalph Amissah4-30/+72
2013-06-06v4 v5: sysenv, requested load warning removed, less screen clutterRalph Amissah4-6/+10
2013-06-06v4 v5: db, population of database (--update), import of master files (.ssm), fixRalph Amissah6-12/+20
2013-06-06v4 v5: version & changelogRalph Amissah4-6/+20
2013-05-30v4 v5: cgi_pgsql, cgi helper script sample search form generator, detailsisu_4.1.3Ralph Amissah4-44/+34
2013-05-30v4 v5: sysenv, pgsql db connect fixRalph Amissah4-6/+14
2013-05-30v4 v5: version & changelogRalph Amissah4-6/+20
2013-05-29v4 v5: help, documentation update, concentrate on man pagessisu_4.1.2Ralph Amissah8-3444/+142
2013-05-29v4 v5: cgi helper script, sample search form generator, adjust/improveRalph Amissah14-172/+450
2013-05-29v4 v5: document version check, disableRalph Amissah8-256/+68
2013-05-29v4 v5: help, interactive help, out of date, removedRalph Amissah16-3844/+96
2013-05-29v4 v5: version & changelogRalph Amissah4-6/+20
2013-05-19v4 v5: cgi script for sample search form generator, sqlite, minor fixessisu_4.1.1Ralph Amissah6-26/+30
2013-05-19vim, ftplugin, sisu.vim, statuslineRalph Amissah3-1/+37
2013-05-19CHANGELOG version minor cleaning, redundantRalph Amissah3-180/+180
2013-05-19v4 v5: version & changelogRalph Amissah4-6/+20
2013-05-09v5 dev branch opened (starts as copy of v4 stable branch); v3 branch closedsisu_4.1.0Ralph Amissah350-26163/+5250
2013-05-09v4: cgi script for sample search form, minor fixesRalph Amissah4-6/+9
2013-05-09v4: defaults, sysenv, simplify default home page (not used by default)Ralph Amissah3-327/+43
2013-05-09v4: version & changelogRalph Amissah2-3/+10
2013-05-06v4: minor sysenv, cgi_sql_commonsisu_4.0.21Ralph Amissah3-14/+14
2013-05-06v4: version & changelogRalph Amissah2-3/+10
2013-04-11v4: cgi sample search form, minorsisu_4.0.20Ralph Amissah3-7/+10
2013-04-11v4: sisurc.yml, reorganize configuration filesRalph Amissah15-562/+1236
2013-04-11v4: version & changelogRalph Amissah2-3/+10