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* project config minor, also .gitignoreHEADsisu_7.2.1upstreamRalph Amissah2022-04-191-10/+159
* ruby variable passing breakage, make constant?Ralph Amissah2022-04-064-5/+15
* org-mode and ruby file headers modifiedRalph Amissah2022-03-1128-461/+624
* org-mode, track bin filesRalph Amissah2022-03-111-0/+748
* nix ruby 3.1 (use)Ralph Amissah2022-03-092-2/+182
* rb file headers change, org-mode tangle whitespace issueRalph Amissah2021-11-1027-201/+254
* org, create output path if necessary, should not beRalph Amissah2021-11-0827-0/+27
* nix: adjust, packages in shell.nixRalph Amissah2021-06-181-5/+33
* nix: update things nixRalph Amissah2021-06-181-74/+33
* ruby3, code runs (check output)Ralph Amissah2021-06-183-6/+9
* org mode: fix file naming typoRalph Amissah2021-06-181-3/+3
* org mode: fix transcription typo (code fix)Ralph Amissah2021-06-182-2/+2
* org mode (ruby code within)Ralph Amissah2021-04-0226-0/+74429
* nix ruby 3.0 (available)Ralph Amissah2021-04-021-1/+22
* nixify (start to nixify)Ralph Amissah2021-04-021-0/+6000