Free For All - How Linux and the Free Software Movement Undercut the High Tech Titans
Peter Wayner (2002-12-22)

Table of Contents

1. Acknowledgments

2. Version Information

3. Battle

3.1. Sleeping In

3.2. Suits Against Hackers

4. Lists

4.1. Free Doesn't Mean Freeloading

5. Image

6. College

6.1. Speaking in Tongues

6.2. Cash Versus Sharing

7. Quicksand

7.1. Breaking the Bond

7.2. In for a Penny, in for a Pound

7.3. AT&T Notices the Damage

8. Outsider

8.1. A Hobby Begets a Project that Begets a Movement

8.2. A Different Kind of Trial

9. Growth

9.1. The Establishment Begins to Notice

9.2. Making it Easy to Use

10. Freedom

10.1. Free Beer

10.2. Copyleft

10.3. The GNU Virus

10.4. Is the Free Software Foundation Anti-Freedom?

10.5. The Evolution of BSD

10.6. The Price of Total Freedom

10.7. The Synthesis of “Open Source”

11. Source

11.1. The Bishop of the Free Marketplace

11.2. They Put a Giant Arrow on the Problem

11.3. How Free Software Can Be a Bazaar or a Cathedral

11.4. Open Source and Lightbulbs

11.5. The Source and the Language that We Speak

12. People

12.1. Icons

12.2. Flames

13. Politics

14. Charity

14.1. Charitable Open Source Organizations

14.2. Gifts as a Cultural Imperative

15. Love

16. Corporations

16.1. Fat Cats and Alley Cats

16.2. The Return of the Hardware Kings

17. Money

17.1. Cygnus--One Company that Grew Rich on Free Software

17.2. How the GPL Built Cygnus's Monopoly

17.3. Snitchware

17.4. Bounties for Quicker Typer-Uppers

18. Fork

18.1. Forks and the Threat of Disunity

18.2. BSD's Garden of Forking Paths

18.3. Flames, Fights, and the Birth of OpenBSD

18.4. Temporary Forks

18.5. A Fork, a Split, and a Reunion

19. Core

19.1. Debian's Core Team

19.2. Apache's Corporate Core

20. T-Shirts

20.1. World Domination Pretty Soon?

21. New

21.1. Shareware Is Not Open Source and Open Source Isn't Free

21.2. Would You License a Car from These Guys?

21.3. Other Professions Were Open from the Start

21.4. Copyright, Tool of Dictators

22. Nations

23. Wealth

23.1. Wealth and Poverty

24. Future





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