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Ralph Amissah (2008-05-22)

SiSU Markup

4. Composite documents markup

It is possible to build a document by creating a master document that requires other documents. The documents required may be complete documents that could be generated independently, or they could be markup snippets, prepared so as to be easily available to be placed within another text. If the calling document is a master document (built from other documents), it should be named with the suffix .ssm Within this document you would provide information on the other documents that should be included within the text. These may be other documents that would be processed in a regular way, or markup bits prepared only for inclusion within a master document .sst regular markup file, or .ssi (insert/information) A secondary file of the composite document is built prior to processing with the same prefix and the suffix ._sst

basic markup for importing a document into a master document

<< filename1.sst

<< filename2.ssi  

The form described above should be relied on. Within the Vim editor it results in the text thus linked becoming hyperlinked to the document it is calling in which is convenient for editing.

License: GPL 3 (part of SiSU documentation)

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